kitchen Megan

Indications kitchen model called "Megan" combines modern style and comfort together. selected plane with wood decor "Aida Walnut tobacco" for standing cabinets, meeting cool combination of aluminum and glossy white MDF. The kitchen is designed to trends currently elected. Choice of hood was stopped on one of the best selling models of the Italian brand "Elica", to which there are two broad cabinet wall. Easier access to him is resolved with Aventos mechanism mounted for a retractable, folding doors. It is ideal for higher top row of modules, because-like grip remains accessible to any position on the path of the door. Aluminum edge handle is not only elegant finish of the model, it creates a home and comfort, since it covers the entire width of the door and not issued to them.


Filled with a variety of materials and other colors, pattern can change beyond recognition, so completely matches the style of our customers.