Eingangsmöbel 002

The project of the hall, from the furniture factory Adhesive Correct Style Ltd. boasts an original design solution due to the combination of the two colors of the base material. Wardrobe is part of sliding mechanism that allows ergonomic use of space. Built-in mirror creates the illusion of space and ergonomic component of the composition.


This is achieved with modern facilities that we have, many professional German and Italian machines.Accordingly, space and ideas of the client, the realization of the final product, we use high quality German materials (chipboard and HPL), Italian lacquer coatings and plating German (Hettich, Häfele and Blum) and we can develop and Italian design with German materials.


The project was realized for client of Correct Style Ltd. All visuals are the brainchild of designers and assistance from MOS Consult Ltd.